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This is my new blog please check it out! I love it! I would love some questions!


Hey guys I have a blog up called The Red Fox Run. Its about life in general . Mainly a life guide.  A little about The Red Fox run is that its all about life in general. All different categories. Fitness & Health , Relationships & sex, Self improvement , beauty and fashion. If you click onthose links, it will go more into detail about those categories into more categories . then within those their will be post. Their is also an advice page . (thats where I’m starting off today , so if you could help me out that be awesome. ) I will post your advices down the page. not only can i respond to them , but others can to anonymously . (at least I’m going to try to figure that out!) my social buttons are on the home page , follow those. please note this won’t be another ME account these are accounts about The Red Fox Run about advice and the general aspects of life. I am really excited about this.. I wanted to do this for a long time.. so if you have anything you need help with or want to spill please don’t hesitate and post on the blog , ill respond quickly.!advice-page/c1364